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Petit Bento Medium- Leak Proof Lunchbox with 3 compartments- Including Fork and Spoon

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Hello my name is Medium Petit Bento, don't judge by my size I can hold 2 and half cups and I am perfect for snacks or light meals.

I come with a fork and spoon and I have 3 generous compartments. I am also totally leakproof (as long as you lock me correctly)

All Petit Bento lunchboxes are BPA & Phthalates Free and are LFGB and FDA Approved 

Here are some important things to do to keep me for a long time:

  •  Hand Wash me only (No dishwasher)
  •  Don't put my lid in the microwave (the silicone will melt)
  •  Make sure you press me from the middle to the end to lock me

Key Features 

  • Comes with custom-fit spoons & forks
  • Leak-Proof
  • Microwavable (without lid)
  • Handwash only
  • BPA & Phthalates Free
  • LFGB Certified and FDA Approved
  • Capacity: Bottom (1 cup); Top Left + Right (1 cup)
  • Dimensions: 18*16*4.8cm